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mmbrajohan says:

Hi Darkimmortal…

Sorry to bring back an old topic. I was having trouble playing with some files playing over a DLNA network from my pc to TV, where some files wouldn’t play and some wouldn’t play audio…

I referred to the posts on http://darkimmortal.com/2010/12/how-to-watch-anime-properly-on-ps3-media-server/comment-page-1/#comment-21405 , but now I’m experiencing huge frame and audio jumps.

Will you be able to help me with this issue please?

Felpudo says:

Hi, Darkimmortal, can you please send me your email or some way to contact, you?, it’s regarding a vbios issue in Vaio S

Thanks very much! 😉

shinytentacool says:

Do you have an e-mail? I’ve been trying to pm you on mfc but your inbox is full. I’m not sure it’s going through…

Marc says:

Hello developer,

We added your game Z-War to our website http://html5games.de

You can find the entry on http://html5games.de/spiele/z-war/ – and vote for it ;).

In return we would love a backlink from you.
Multiple banners and textlinks are on http://html5games.de/en/unsere-banner/

Thank you very much in advance
and greetings from Germany

The html5games.de team


Hi Dark Immortal,

Nice to see u , really doing great job, like to request one thing that can be done only by u i think

We saw your RUM and was became fan of u, in the same way please try to make for hot file also, it will be really use full for all and will be great thank you…

Wish U A Happy New Year 2010
Come with more Use full things in this year with Warez-bb