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Slow upload on Kimsufi server

Recently I spent far too long diagnosing a slow upload speed on a low-end Kimsufi 2G server with an old SiS900 ethernet adapter. The download speed was full 100mbit, but upload was less than 0.1mbit. The issue did not persist into rescue mode, which led me to assume a software issue.

The symptoms matched an issue with TCP windows, or with half duplex vs full duplex, but neither of those turned out to be the case.

The issue turned out to be IRQ related. Simply blacklisting a few unnecessary modules (parallel port, sound) and disabling acpi solved the issue

Realtime ASIO VST-based DSP for entire system audio

  1. Acquire Virtual Audio Cable
  2. Acquire Reaper
  3. Acquire ASIO4All
  4. Create a virtual audio cable: Sample rate 44100-sound card max, 16-24bit, volume enabled, ‘cable range’
  5. Set the cable as the default Windows output device
  6. In Reaper device settings, pick ASIO, ASIO4All, fiddle with ASIO Configuration until both your sound card and Virtual Audio Cable 1 are available as inputs and outputs, then pick Virtual Audio Cable 1 and 2 as inputs and (Your Sound Card) 1 and 2 as outputs.
  7. Tick request sample rate and put your sound card maximum, and request block size and put the smallest value you can without mega distortion
  8. Create a track, turn on monitoring/record armed, add any VST effects or generally do whatever you like with the audio :3

InstallMaps – an easy way to download, extract, install and bzip multiple SRCDS maps on Linux


echo ---------------------------
echo InstallMaps by Darkimmortal
echo ---------------------------
echo Paste map URLs to be downloaded here, type @ to begin downloading.

mkdir -p /tmp/installmaps
cd /tmp/installmaps

read -d @ line


if [[ $line == *tf2maps* ]]
  tff=" --wait=26"

wget --no-clobber --content-disposition $tf --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3" --accept=bsp,rar,zip,bz2 ${line//&/\&}

echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------

echo Extracting any compressed maps...
for f in *.zip;do unzip -j "$f";done
for f in *.rar;do unrar e -ep "$f";done
bzip2 -d -v -f *.bz2

echo Removing any non-bsp files...
ls -Q | grep -v .bsp\"$ | xargs rm

echo Zipping all maps...
bzip2 -k -z -v *.bsp
bzip2 -k -z -v *.nav

echo Moving files to the correct folders...
mv -f *.bsp YOUR_SRCDS_INSTALLATION/tf/maps
mv -f *.nav YOUR_SRCDS_INSTALLATION/tf/maps
mv -f *.bz2 YOUR_SV_DOWNLOADURL/tf/maps

echo Clearing download directory...
rm -rf ./*

echo Done!

This simple bash script allows you to paste a bunch of URLs (one per line) leading to uncompressed .bsp maps, or maps compressed as .rar, .zip or .bz2. It will then extract these maps, bzip them and move them to your SRCDS maps folder and the bzipped copies to your sv_downloadurl maps folder.

Replace YOUR_SRCDS_INSTALLATION and YOUR_SV_DOWNLOADURL with the appropriate values for your system, add Rapidshare details if you want, then you’re good to go.

Prerequisites: wget, unzip, unrar, bzip2