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eBay support literally encouraging fraud

Goes without saying that I'm returning the item manually and not following their advice!

02:34:36 UTC (me)

Hello, I recently opened a return and the seller has sent me a refund before I had a chance to print the postage label, and now the option to print a postage label has disappeared. How can I get the postage label to return the item with?

02:35:43 UTC (ebay support)

Alright, thank you for the confirmation and sharing the details with me. I can understand that you are concerned about the return case in which you received the item and refund both. I will look into it and help you with best possible resolution from my side.

02:36:33 UTC (ebay support)

Just to confirm, are you referring to item "redacted"?

02:36:47 UTC (me)

yes that's the one

02:38:06 UTC (ebay support)

I have checked the case details and found that case is closed as seller has issued the refund to you. Now, you are not required to take nay further action in this. You can keep the item or you can return it by communicating with seller. However, the case is closed so no further action is required.

^ What the literal fuck

02:38:31 UTC (me)

no that can't be correct, i need to send the item back to the seller as agreed with the seller

02:38:44 UTC (me)

i had an option to print a postage label, but the seller issued me a refund before i had a chance to print it

02:39:07 UTC (me)

do I need to sort the postage out myself in this case?

02:39:35 UTC (ebay support)

[me], I really appreciate your honesty and effort in this case. Allow me to share further details in this.

02:40:34 UTC (ebay support)

If you wish to return the item then communicate with seller and ask them to provide you with postage label in eBay messages. Print that label and then you can return the item to seller.

02:41:26 UTC (ebay support)

However, we do not force you to do so. It is dependent on both trading partners.

02:41:48 UTC (me)

how do I pay for shipping if the seller provides the label?

02:41:48 UTC (ebay support)

[me], thank you for your patience, time and understanding. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

02:42:31 UTC (ebay support)

If they provided the pre-paid label then you are not required to pay for the postage.

02:44:31 UTC (ebay support)

I don't mean to rush you. I just want to ensure that we are still connected.

02:46:16 UTC (me)

This seems like a very unfair process for the seller. I wouldn't want to sell anything on ebay if this is how returns are handled.

02:46:51 UTC (me)

I want an automatic return label that I can use to return the item, and I want to pay for the return postage because having the seller pay for return postage of an item that I changed my mind for seems to me like i am defrauding the seller

02:48:07 UTC (ebay support)

[me], I am sorry to know that you felt this way. As per the eBay policy if the case is closed by buyer or seller; we are not able to intervene in that for the further action in that.

02:48:59 UTC (ebay support)

I suggest you to communicate with seller and try to resolve the issue mutually.

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