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Windows Dynamic Disk vs Storage Spaces vs Intel RST for RAID 1

Disks are 2x Western Digital Red 4TB. All configurations are RAID 1. (Technically Storage Spaces Mirror isn’t true RAID 1, but it’s the closest possible for this comparison.)
Disregard the varying partition sizes – all tests are at the start of the drives.

Individual disk
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Android Pie battery drain

I’ve been experiencing chronic battery drain since updating to Android Pie, attributed to Android System, Android OS, Google Play Services.

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Veeam backups failing with network errors

I use Veeam Free and recently started getting network errors when trying to perform any backups. My destination is a linux box via samba, to an SMR disk with BTRFS – which can be quite unpredictably slow.

Errors included:

Error: Agent: Failed to process method {Transform.Patch}: An unexpected network error occurred. Failed to flush file buffers. File: [\\Redacted\Backup Job 2018-07-04T153041.vbk].

Error: An unexpected network error occurred. Failed to write data to the file [\\Redacted\Backup Job 2018-10-12T140141.vbk]. Agent failed to process method {Stg.RemoveOrphanedSessionKeys}.

Full backup file merge failed Error: Agent: Failed to process method {Transform.Patch}: An unexpected network error occurred.

Full backup file merge failed Error: An unexpected network error occurred. Failed to rename file from [\\Redacted\Backup Job.vbm_tmp] to [\\Redacted\Backup Job.vbm]. –tr:Error code: 0x0000003b –tr:FC: Failed to rename file from [\\Redacted\Backup Job.vbm_tmp] to [\\Redacted\Backup Job.vbm]. –tr:Failed to call DoRpc. CmdName: [FcRenameFile].

Very simple solution, in admin powershell:

Set-SmbClientConfiguration -SessionTimeout 600

How to actually reduce battery drain on Android

This assumes you’ve tried all the normal methods of reducing drain – apps like BetterBatteryStats, Wakelock Detector, etc, the built-in battery stats, trimming permissions, using Pie background restrictions, etc.

I very rarely see this mentioned anywhere when people are trying to track down mysterious Google Play Services/Android OS/Android System drain – most people seem to resort to a factory reset, which won’t fix the problem when the issue lies in dodgy apps.

The fix is really simple:


Print tar label without reading entire tar archive

GNU Tar lacks an option to print the tar label and exit immediately – it can only print the label as part of reading the whole archive. This works ok-ish for hard disks where ctrl+c is instant and without side effects, but is unsuitable for tape drives. EDIT: This is because I had my drive in the wrong mode, see the sysv vs bsd modes.

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How to merge old VirtualBox snapshots into single VDI

I was recently faced with a situation where I had a the data of an old VirtualBox VM including .xml file, .vdi/.sav snapshots and main .vdi hard disk from 2012 that I wanted to merge into a single .vdi.

Crucially these files were from another machine and not registered/present in any way in my active copy of VirtualBox.

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Adventures with LTO Tape for Home/Casual Use

I’ve spent the past while buying and experimenting with some old LTO gear as a secondary backup solution besides backing up to both local disks and cloud. I chose LTO because:

  • My upload speed is trash so the only way I can hope to do a full off-site backup is via physical media
  • With LTO4, it works out cheaper than buying about 2-3x 2+TB external hard disks, especially if you go SCSI instead of SAS.
  • I have the option of taking tapes out of rotation and storing them long-term. With hard disks this is risky and expensive.
  • Durable for transport
  • It’s old school cool

My learnings and notes follow…

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eBay support literally encouraging fraud

Goes without saying that I’m returning the item manually and not following their advice!

02:34:36 UTC (me)

Hello, I recently opened a return and the seller has sent me a refund before I had a chance to print the postage label, and now the option to print a postage label has disappeared. How can I get the postage label to return the item with?

02:35:43 UTC (ebay support)

Alright, thank you for the confirmation and sharing the details with me. I can understand that you are concerned about the return case in which you received the item and refund both. I will look into it and help you with best possible resolution from my side.

02:36:33 UTC (ebay support)

Just to confirm, are you referring to item “redacted”?

02:36:47 UTC (me)

yes that's the one

02:38:06 UTC (ebay support)

I have checked the case details and found that case is closed as seller has issued the refund to you. Now, you are not required to take nay further action in this. You can keep the item or you can return it by communicating with seller. However, the case is closed so no further action is required.

^ What the literal fuck


VW Composition Media M3U playlist bug

Spent the best part of 2 days trying to figure out why the composition media system (same probably applies for discovery media system) in a MK7.0 VW Golf was failing to read M3U playlists, with the error “No playable files found”.

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Disable touchpad acceleration on Debian Stretch (libinput, KDE Plasma)

For some unknown reason, there is no option exposed to disable acceleration when using a laptop touchpad with libinput. [insert gamer-oriented argument about how mouse acceleration is incompatible with muscle memory]

Thankfully it isn’t too difficult to remove it in the source code and recompile libinput.

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