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Improved free method to access Tera Online Japanese open beta

Follow the instructions here: http://www.reddit.com/r/TeraOnline/comments/j2tv2/japanese_open_beta_test_coming_soon_guides_on_the, but with some improvements:

  • Free fast and reliable proxy
  • No need to change system language to Japanese

Firstly, sign up for an Amazon EC2 account,which is free for a year, essentially giving you a Tokyo based VPS for free. Next, configure Polipo or a similar HTTP proxy on it or another linux box, with it set to parent requests through the SOCKS5 proxy built into SSH on the Amazon EC2 instance.

Then edit your Polipo config to include:

forbiddenUrl = "http://shit.weeaboo.com/teraonlinehax.js"

and edit /etc/polipo/forbidden to contain:


Once done, set up Proxifier to point at the Polipo proxy via HTTP, and use these filters:

Target hosts:

*.down.hangame.co.jp; down.hangame.co.jp; images.*.jp; id.hangame.co.jp

set to Action: Direct – make sure this comes first out of the two rules.

Target hosts:


set to Action: Proxy (your Polipo proxy)



Simple version: (System language change to Japanese still required)

  • Sign up to EC2 as before, set up a Tokyo instance with any linux distro
  • Connect via Putty and enable a ‘Dynamic’ (SOCKS5) tunnel (replace xxxx with port of your choice).
  • Add (port same as before) to Proxifier as a SOCKS5 proxy
  • Follow instructions above for Proxifier, where ‘Action: Proxy’ should point at the SOCKS5 proxy.