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Akasa Venom on LGA1700

Just a random anecdote that the Akasa Venom from 2010 can be installed on socket LGA1700 without modification!

It takes some unreasonable force, but the mounting bracket design was years ahead of its time and can fit pretty much any shape of mounting holes. It is bananas that a cooler can support all consumer sockets from 775 and AM2 (as far back as 2004) right through to present day sockets!

It can only exhaust upwards while fully covering the CPU heat spreader, however the coverage for rear exhaust is fine and is what I am using.

It can handle sustained all core loads of a i7-13700K at 180W PL1 (picked this arbitrarily, could go higher probably) without throttling and without 100% fans. They don't make them like they used to!

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