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LG CX i1Display Pro Bodner Meter Profile

Never was happy with the white balance on my CX using an i1Display Pro colorimeter alone. HCFR: wrong, Calman Raw XYZ: wrong, Calman FSI EDR: close but too red, default untouched: close but too green.

OLED is an unusual case where the human eye trumps a colorimeter alone, as it is impossible to ship a correction that fits all OLEDs. Without a spectrophotometer, good white balance can only be achieved by a perceptual match with a known good monitor.

I've posted before about the gatekeeping that goes on in the calibration business. Unfortunately for once they are right - for OLED you really do need a spectrophotometer to calibrate properly.

Finally I have got a white balance I am happy with, thanks to an old i1Pro spectrophotometer that I picked up cheap. It's had a long life (15 years, 90k lamp seconds...), but still measures well within spec compared to a calibrated reference with known backlight characteristics.

I'm surprised no one else has shared their meter profile from Calman, and that for years people with just a colorimeter have only had Raw XYZ or FSI EDR options. My profiles directory is available for download below. It goes into Documents\Portrait Displays\Calman 5 Home\Profiles. I'm not sure if the meter name has to be an exact match for a profile to show up, if so my meter is the OEM edition of the i1Display Pro. The profile you want is 'Bodner Wide'.


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Jonathan says:

Hi, a replace the files but the meter profile dont show on calman, need anything else?

LGinterested says:

Interesting, thanks, what size model LG CX did you profile meter from?

IxReadyToKillxI says:


I Downloaded your Profiles and im using the i1 Display Pro 3 but sadly they wont show up. i cant load any Profile. i copied them over in the folder you named but it wont work.

any tips?

Thx in Advance

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