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Print tar label without reading entire tar archive
How to merge old VirtualBox snapshots into single VDI
Adventures with LTO Tape for Home/Casual Use
eBay support literally encouraging fraud
VW Composition Media M3U playlist bug
Disable touchpad acceleration on Debian Stretch (libinput, KDE Plasma)


Slow upload on Kimsufi server


Fix for Gigabyte motherboard boot loop on resume from sleep


Fix for last.fm scrobbler not working on Windows 8
Fix for Samsung 750 and 950 series monitors 120Hz “Not Optimum Mode”
How to fix issue where you can only type in the address bar of Internet Explorer 9


Far Cry 3 registry error after copying files from another PC
DarkELEC Release 3
Asus Xonar sound card frameskip issue
DarkElec Release 2
DarkELEC – Raspberry Pi optimised OpenELEC fork


Android Reverse WiFi/Mobile AP Tethering