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8mm film telecine: a software approach

There are many posts online singing the praises of 8mm telecine by scanning individual frames with a macro lens or scanner. And rightfully so - in the average case it produces better results than the alternative of realtime recording of a video projected on to a wall, projected within a film transfer box, or 'directly' using a special lens configuration.

Read on for my outside-the-box approach using software alone...

Optimised smb.conf for Windows clients

These Samba config options have been performing fantastically well for me. It took quite a bit of research to finalise the config you see below, so figured it was worth sharing.

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Debian 10 kernel slab memory leak

I've faced a situation on one of my VPSes where kernel slab memory spontaneously started leaking:

Read on for the solution...

Unexplained heavy writes from MySQL killing SSD

I have recently been dealing with an upgrade from Debian 9 to 10 increasing MariaDB write load to ~20MB/s (from <0.5MB/s) on a near idle server.


Fix error 0x80070003 when updating Windows 10 1809 to 1903

Errors you may see:

  • Operation failed: Mount WIM file[...]
  • Error 0x80070003
  • 'Windows 10 failed to install.'
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Debian Buster upgrade boot failure (LVM + BTRFS)

Upgraded one of my servers to Buster and was faced with an unbootable box, unable to find the rootfs (and 'open_ctree failed'). On the server in question I am running a filesystem of BTRFS RAID 1 across two independent LVM disks.

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Fix for League of Legends patch error code 004

Patching failed and we're not sure why. Please restart the client to try patching again. (Error code 004)

If you have moved your League installation to another disk and used a symlink from the previous location to the new one, as of roughly patch 9.10, this no longer works.

Simply update your shortcuts to point directly to the new location, including the working directory, and all will be well.

GitHub does not respect GDPR in a reasonable way

Bitlocker EDrive / IEEE 1667 Hardware SSD encryption on Dell XPS 15 9550

There is a lot of conflicting information about whether hardware encryption for Bitlocker works on the older XPS 15 laptops (9550 and probably 9560).

The answer is no, it does not work. The BIOS does not implement the required UEFI features. It fails when rebooting to apply, and when skipping the hardware test, soft-bricks the SSD.

Note I am referring specifically to Bitlocker EDrive mode (hardware encryption). Class 0 encryption also does not work on these laptops as there is no facility to set a BIOS password for NVMe disks.

Collectd disk plugin produces no output

I spent a while scratching my head over the collectd 'disk' plugin producing no output whatsoever on a Debian 9 server. No log output (other than successful load), no rrd files, nothing.

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