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Samsung S23A750D monitor Noctua fan replacement

After over a decade of using an S23A750D (aka SA750), I finally got a silent PC, so the fan in the base of the monitor became audible. Being a small fan, it produces an annoying tone. Not being able to justify a monitor upgrade, instead I replaced the fan with a Noctua.

I used:

  • Noctua NF-A4x10-PWM, with its included Omnijoin set and LNA. The PWM function is of course useless, but other fan makers usually have lower minimum starting voltages on the PWM editions. Noctua does not publish this spec.

  • 1x Dupont cable with male end (other end cut off) to add the 3rd pin (sense/rpm) to the Omnijoin connector. The male Dupont pin with the plastic housing removed seems to be a perfect fit for a PC fan connector

  • 2x 16mm washers to hold the Noctua fan in place

Service manual available here: Samsung S27A750D Service Manual

Points to note:

  • The stock fan is stuck in with a strong adhesive pad. It is almost impossible to remove without damaging it. The service manual conveniently does not mention this

  • The Noctua fan is nearly as loud as the stock fan without adding the LNA. It is quite a challenge to fit all the adapters and cables in, but it is possible.

  • The monitor does not turn on without the LVDS cable connected to the panel, so to test the fan you sadly have to reassemble the monitor.

  • There is enough room to mount the fan diagonally, so even though it is a different type of fan (axial vs centrifugal) it is still effective.

  • It runs hot with this change, but not much hotter than 10 years of dust on the stock cooling. The same components run passively cooled in the SA950 series monitor, so I don't think they will be cooked to death, but time will tell...

This is what it looks like:

Fan with wiring, LNA not pictured
The fan is mounted at an angle, supported by 2 of its included screws partially inserted on the opposite side. The LNA is not pictured, it was added later.

If anyone is instead looking to replace the fan like-for-like, the stock fan is a Delta 45x45x10mm 12v 3-wire blower. Either of the metal frame 3 wire options here look pretty similar: https://www.delta-fan.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?q=1&voltage_rated=5701&size_dimension=5684&width[]=5795&width[]=4514&width[]=4528&width[]=4526&width[]=4538&width[]=4527&width[]=4518&width[]=4513&sku=

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