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USB flash drive to pause/rewind live TV on LG TV

The following method allows you to use a USB flash drive for 'Live Playback' aka pausing/rewinding live TV on an LG TV. Normally only USB hard drives or USB SSDs are supported.

The error I encountered when trying to pause TV with a USB flash drive connected was:

This storage device cannot be used for Live Playback.

EDIT 28/11/2021: My flash drive died (it was already fucked before this process). Replaced with a 32GB SLC 'industrial' 1.8" SATA SSD and USB to 1.8" SATA cable for about $20 total. Will last much longer than a normal SSD or flash drive.

Note this method will only work on a flash drive with a Phison controller. For me this was a USB 3.0 Kingston DataTraveler G4 32GB drive.

At worst this will kill the flash drive. At best it will not be usable as a normal flash drive. All data on the drive will be lost by following these steps.

Also note that LG don't block USB flash drives for nothing - if it lasts 12 months consider that a good result!

  1. Setup Windows on a throwaway PC and do not connect to the internet - dodgy utilities ahead! I failed to get them to work in a virtual machine, YMMV.
  2. Download and run ChipGenius, noting the controller detected. https://www.usbdev.ru/files/chipgenius
  3. Download and run MPALL https://www.usbdev.ru/files/phison/mpall/. I had good results with v3.63.0C-DL17, but get a version that matches your drive controller, and as suggested on the page don't assume newer=better, instead try to match the release date with the purchase date.
  4. Click Update, note drive appears
  5. Click Settings, then OK
  6. Select the controller you noted from ChipGenius
  7. Change Partition 1 to 'Fixed Disk'
  8. Untick 'Auto Detect' under 'Customise Setting'
  9. Enter VID 0930 and PID 6545. (Try skipping this and the previous step, and let me know in the comments if it still works - having performed this step MPALL will no longer recognise the drive, so I can't test if this is necessary or not.)
  10. You can also enter an entertaining 'Manufacture Name' and 'Product Name'
  11. Click Save
  12. Close the settings window via the X
  13. Click start and wait a minute
  14. When finished, physically reconnect the flash drive, and note that it hopefully appears as a hard disk in windows (different icon). If so, you are ready to use it with your TV - it should just work(tm).

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