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Ventoy alternative: Super Grub2 Disk + rEFInd

I went looking for an alternative to Ventoy that is not intrinsically tied to the Hundred Acre Wood. (Of all the things to use from this source, an OS bootloader/installer is absolutely insane.) It is difficult to find a good alternative, but it does exist by combining other projects.

  1. Grab Super Grub2 Disk and flash it to a USB (such as via Rufus).
  2. Extend the SG2DISOS partition to a modest size (not the entire drive) and fill the BOOTISOS folder with Linux ISOs.
  3. On the main SG2DBOOT partition: rename /EFI/boot to something like /EFI/grub and install rEFInd by copying its files to /EFI/boot.
  4. Create FAT32 partitions (one each) sized according to any Windows or non-Linux UEFI ISOs you want available. Copy the contents of the ISOs to the partitions.

You can then boot to rEFInd and via that choose either a non-Linux ISO or Grub. Via Grub, you can choose a Linux ISO.

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