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DarkELEC Release 3

Warning: This is many years old and dead. Don't use it.

Just an interim release for now as I don't have my proper dev environment (TV, Pi-compatible internet connection, etc.). Once I figure out a way of getting networking to my Pi, I'll throw in the promised features such as USB audio support.

No idea at all if this works (I can't do much more than play about in the menu with no networking), but it certainly seems a lot smoother and more responsive than r2.

There's been no significant changes on my part, but likely a very significant amount from upstream (namely the extra codecs, 512mb support, etc.).


Download: http://shit.weeaboo.com/darkelec3.zip
Sauce: https://github.com/darkimmortal/DarkELEC
More details: http://darkimmortal.com/2012/05/darkelec-raspberry-pi-optimised-openelec-fork/


Mike Shaw says:

Are you still actively working on DarkELEC?

HopeNux says:


It’s possible to adapt the xbmc install on arch ?
Please look at my post on arch forum : http://forums.archlinux.fr/topic14064-40.html
I’ve project who boot on xbmc with arch linux

thppp says:


You aren’t supposed to copy the file to the SD.
Try using a program like win32 disk imager. (if you have Windows)

TPY says:

I copied the img tothe SD card (v3). But the Pi refuses to boot
Does anyone have a solution

upr2000 says:

I have also the “won’t boot” issue on my 2nd Raspberry Pi.
The first is from RS Components,
The second from Elements 4U
It has an hynix CPU / Ram Chip.

Maybe the dark Elec is only for the RS Version Suitable?

agent april says:

V1 solved the high CPU on Raspberry Pi

every version thereafter cranked it back up roughly near OpenElec

Is there a v4 brewing? One that favors Raspberry Pi fans ($35 media center)

Alfons Affe says:

Will there be an update to the recent 3.0.0 version or is this stuff dead?

barney484 says:

I’m having real problems configuring my MPG2 and VC1 codec licences under this distribution. I have tried to insert the license numbers in /usr/share/bootloader/config.txt but this part of the file system seems to be mounted read only. I have tried remounting the root and flash file systems as rw but despite doing this I cannot edit or chmod the file because because it still seems to be on a read only file system. I know that Darkelec is an optimized version of the standard openelec xbmc. Is there something in the optimization that is preventing me editing the file? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

paul says:

Hi thanks for the reply used win32 and it works.

Need more help now.

I have a USB HDD connected to a router , this is routed throught the wan port of my modem/router. My computer can see the drive and I have mounted it. But the PI cant read anything from it at all. It is formatted to NTFS because of the file sizes on it. If I conect it directly to the PI it works fine. Any one know how to set this up so I dont have to keep unpluging the drive to lad stuff onto it

cheers Paul.

JOn says:

paul :
Hi anyone help me install this to a sd card using windows 7
Thanks Paul

Download & use an application called win32diskimager.

paul says:

Hi anyone help me install this to a sd card using windows 7

Thanks Paul

Masin says:

In Darkelec it use xbmc 12.0 Alpha 7, when will be the new version coming out, RC3 support?

Pickup a bunch of users by providing ready made instructions to add DarkElec to BerryBoot installation menu


ditch SMB in favor of NFS 🙂

thanks. I was none too amused with 93-100 cpu in the BerryBoot version.

Please include the divingmule plugins

especially blaze

Nicodem says:

I tried new version, installed but got huge problem with playing any file through SMB. I can add resorce with videos from my NAS but when press Play – it just hangs. Does not start playback. Working, working, working and no video.
So its useless as player for me. Any ideas?
Standard OpenElec works great.

Masin says:

How can I install it to my RP? any tutorial plz

Loz Blake says:

I have this working great on my Pi, 1080p films streaming wonderfully and hdmi-cec picking up my tv remote. Just one minor niggle and that is that I lose hdmi-cec if I switch to a different input and then come back. Apparently the hdmi-cec library has been updated to fix this, any chance of this being included anytime soon? Keep up the good work

Hank says:

Had the same issues. So I went back to late september builds which work flawless.

Ever build after that date is unusable with big mkv-files.

So I’m going to give the dark side a try cause its raspi optimized.

fher98 says:

Hi! been using openelec for a fewmonths now but having laggi mkv playback on latest downloads. Will check darkelec out to see how this goes, thanks.

daily says:

Hi there, justi installed darkelec3 for my ver. B Pi with 512MB RAM. I’m kind of confused because it seems like the 512MB are not detected. In Systeminfo it shows me i have n absolute ram of 118MB. There is no info about the GPU Memory so it’s hard to tell which amount of RAM is really detected. But it feels kind of weird to me using 118MB CPU RAM and 394MB for the GPU. Can you tell me what’s the problem here or how i can change the memory split?


Gog says:

Is there an easy way to update from darkelec 2 to darkelec 3 without loosing the movie database etc.?

Abe says:

Finally a build that works with my Time Capsule! Xbian, openelec fails…

G says:

I used this program “Win32DiskImager” to get the image to the sd card.

JIm says:

can anyone point me in the direction of installing this on an SDcard using windows 7, tried looking at the .img file in iso buster and clone drive but they state it is corrupt or empty.
any help would be much appreciated

max says:

hello, anyone know how to enable the composite video output? I got just a black screen


aleksdeg says:

This is really great. I can stream BBC, C4 and C5. I struggled with Version 2 a bit!
I’ve run a completely vanilla install via Windows and have two quick (I hope) questions
1) I seem to have lost ITV player. How do I install it?
2) I get messages about “You have not located your rtmpdump executable” when I try to download rather than stream Demand 5 and 4OD pprogrammes.

Can anyone help


Shnider says:

This has improved so much since version 1.
But i wanted to add Transmission to the Rpi media box, but it does not show on
System->Add-ons->Get add-ons->OpenELEC.tv Medicenter OS Add-ons->Service->transmission

Didn’t try install it by terminal tho

willwolfe says:

Could not get the darelec3 image to boot on RPi. Couldn’t find the /dev/location , (sorry didn’t record actual location it was looking for) but showed a very nice boot screen before halting automatically.

sathunter says:

Fantastic. I can now access my Linux receiver, iPlayer, ITV Player etc with a PI and it all works perfectly. Thanks for your hard work.

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