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HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen10 (Xeon E-2100 / C246 chipset) PCIe Bifurcation


Convert LVM LV to regular partition
Ventoy alternative: Super Grub2 Disk + rEFInd
Akasa Venom on LGA1700


PowerDNS and Porkbun DNSSEC guide
Unable to install VMware Tools in Windows 8 guest
Get recursive directory listings from a list of folders in a text file (Linux)
Kodi colour management on Windows
LG CX + Calman AutoCal calibration
Samsung S23A750D monitor Noctua fan replacement
Recovering a bricked Artillery 3D printer
LibreELEC on Raspberry Pi 4 vs CoreELEC on Amlogic S905x3
Realtime SRCDS in Libvirt/KVM guest


Tunnel a secondary public IP from one server to a VM on another server
Debian bootable encrypted RAID 1 with redundancy on /boot
Force systemd services to use a secondary IP
UEFI won’t mount ESP and rEFInd reports “chain on hard drive failed”
USB flash drive to pause/rewind live TV on LG TV
LG CX i1Display Pro Bodner Meter Profile
LG CX OLED ideal sharpness setting
Raspberry Pi 4 sucks for USB audio
Signal backups using Linux headless server
My issues with Signal
Disable KVM virtio memory balloon


Nvidia driver 460.89 high csrss.exe CPU usage
Finding LVM LV affected by corruption
AppArmor profile for TF2 SRCDS servers
Unreported background battery drain on iPhone SE 2nd Gen
Fix iTunes Wi-Fi sync to a libvirt Windows VM
iOS Files app SMB ‘Operation not supported’